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Android Application:


MPsense: Workout Music App

mpsenses Link to our beta version 0.5 on Android Market

To look for this app on your Android Device, go to Android Market and type in these keywords: "anvu85" or "workout music mp3 player"

This is a BETA version, please do not RATE if it does not work for you. We put it here to collect feedback. We'll publish the first version soon.



A music player that can detect your work-out/activity level and play songs that best fit that activity level.
This music player can either play fast or slow songs base on the BPM(beats per minute) of the songs, or play the songs that you personally set fast or slow (this give you total controls of your playlist).
If you think the song is too fast or too slow for you, just re-rate it.
Please watch our video for how to change the rating of the song on the go. Enjoy.


Add songs to the library:

Please put your mp3 file to the root folder.
Copy your mp3 files from your computer or your SDcard to "mtn/sdcard/" for LG Optimus.
For example, my mp3 file is "one-in-a-million.mp3", I would put it to "mnt/sdcard/one-in-a-million.mp3"
For Samsung Vibrant I9000: put songs to "./" folder.
Remember to KILL this app and RELOAD it to see the songs that you've just added.


Kill this app and save your memory:

Press "Home" button on your phone and use "Advanced Task Killer" app to kill it.


No BPM(beats per minute)?

Please go to mixmeister.com .
Download and install mixmeister to your computer.
Add songs to mixmeister by specifying the folder that contains your songs and wait for it to analyze them.
Copy those songs to your "mnt/sdcard/" folder.
Kill the workout app if you have it open and reload the app and you will see songs with BPM data.


Qi Zhu
Nelson Hoang
Andrea Goh
An Vu

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